Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Insurance News - Magellan , AAA Clubs Provide Update on Auto ...

Magellan , AAA Clubs Provide Update on Auto Navigation Partnership (The Auto Channel) LAS VEGAS--Magellan s partnership with four of the largest regional AAA clubs in the United States is continuing to gather momentum, Magellan said ...

Disabilty income insurance

Hi Mr Tan I have been offered a disability income plan. It provides a monthly income in the event of disability due to illness or accident.

Flood insurance getting political nod (AP)

AP - The federal flood insurance program may be going broke after incurring $20 billion in debt from recent storms like Hurricane Katrina.


Basic question. How much is everyone's insurance? I'm 18. No previous insurance. 0 credit. I'm driving a 79 635csi euro edition BMW. around 1200 every six months. Liability only. Can't afford that.

Benefits of NOT having health insurance

This is my take on the whole health insurance industry. I think it stinks! It seems that everyone wants a stable job with benefits. What does this mean?


Insurance Manager - Leading Department Store The Company: Our client is one of the UK's leading High Street Department Store Groups.

Insurance Surcharges Add up for Florida Property Owners

Maybe this might confuse you Many Floridians already facing soaring insurance rates will be hit by additional surcharges that could tack another 9 percent to their premiums next year, according to the association that pays claims.

Insurance Dispatch...

This week, we look at a recent Kaiser Foundation study which shows that the share of GDP going to health care has been growing faster in many European and Asian countries than it has here. Available now at The Medical Blog Network.

Cruise passengers buy travel insurance for smooth sailing - Travel ...

Cruise passengers buy travel insurance for smooth sailing Travel Daily News International, Greece - 1 hour ago More than 70 percent of all cruise passengers buy travel insurance, according to a 2006 Consumer Survey conducted by the US ...

Health Insurance - Its Important to Every Family

Health insurance is very important for every family. Young children become ill more often than adults do and will require medical attention more often.